Words of Encouragement for 8th Graders

1st MYP Day

2nd MYP Day

A few of the AMAZING 

Community Projects

8th Grade Class Picture at Community Project Kick-Off

Parts of an Avery Trace Learner

Ears: to help me hear about the beliefs, values, and perspectives of others with an open mind.

Mouth: to share and collaborate my creative ideas with confidence.

Eyes: to see the consequences of my choices. 

Feet: to keep my balance with commitments and responsibilities.

Hands: serving others by helping wherever they are needed. 

Arms: to show compassion and lift others up when they are down.

Curious Mind: to help me inquire about the world around me.

Backpack: prior knowledge and skills to support my understanding of topics in class.

Backbone: Filled with courage to take a risk when approaching new experiences and learning. To help me stand up tall for justice and fairness. Being principled.  Showing respect to myself and others.  Being honest and taking responsibility for my actions.